Project Details:

The rock cut slope consists of 980-linear feet of near vertical weathered schist and sandstone, of which some wedges have failed and blocked the roadway below.  The rock cut is broken into a lower and upper section.  The lower section runs the entire 980-linear feet and the upper section runs 280-linear feet.  A v-ditch lined bench separates the upper and lower section.  Average height of the sections is 35 feet.  Total estimated area of both sections is 45,000 square feet.

The exposed rock is systematically jointed and has very blocky characteristics.  In general the rock blocks are little to moderately weathered, strong to very strong and moderately hard to very hard.  Weathering in the rock mass is concentrated along discontinuity planes, where the rock is generally highly weathered to locally completely decomposed.

LSI in cooperation with Magnus Pacific, Inc. and North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc. conducted mechanically scaling consisting of a combination of a long reach and traditional excavator with a scaling blanket attachment.  Following the mechanical scaling process LSI hand scaled the slope to insure removal of any loose rock material.

Up to 24-ft long post-tensioned SuperRockBolts™ were then installed throughout the rock face and used to anchor high strength steel rockfall mesh.

Project Summary:

Army Corp of Engineers, Sacramento District

The US Army Corp of Engineers made a rock cut during the road construction for the Eastman Lake Park headquarters office access road in the early 1970’s.  Although the road cut is nearly continuous in this area, episodic rock failures have occurred since its construction.  Landslide Solutions, Inc. was selected by 8A prime contractor, North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc., to stabilize the failing rock slope.

Project Stats:

  • Rock Slope Stabilization
  • Crane Basket Drilling
  • 45,000 Square Feet
  • Rockfall Mesh
  • SuperRockBolts™
  • US Army Corp of Engineers – Sacramento District

Project References:

  • US Army Corp of Engineers – Sacramento District
  • 8A Prime Contractor, North Star Construction and Engineering, Inc.
  • Subcontractor, Magnus Pacific, Inc.
  • Cameron Lobato, P.E., Project Engineer, Landslide Solutions, Inc.,
  • James Chinchiolo, CEO, Project Manager,  Landslide Solutions, Inc.,