Project Details:


A Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall was chosen to retain a cut behind a newly constructed spec house at the toe of the coastal range in Alamo, CA.  Unfortunately, for the owners, this wall failed after a very short service life and required the demolition and replacement of a new wall system.  After countless hours of research the owners settled on a soil nail wall system to replace the failed MSE wall.  The soil nail wall allowed for the top down demolition of the failed MSE as the soil nail wall was being constructed.  The soil nail wall also allowed the owners to develop a larger backyard area to create a private Mediterranean oasis.
During the initial consultation with Landslide Solutions, Inc. the owners where delighted to find out just how much they could be involved in the aesthetic design of the wall.  Together with the owners aesthetic vision and Landslide Solutions, Inc.'s engineering expertise the project plans passed through the city permitting process without delay.

Project Summary:

Custom Hand Sculpted Soil Nail Wall, Alamo, CA

This project consisted of the removal of existing failed Mechanically Stabilized (MSE) wall and the design, construction and warranty of a beautifully hand sculpted soil nail wall.

Project Stats:

  • Custom Sculpted and Stained Shotcrete
  • Winter Construction
  • Permit  Acquisition Assistance
  • Custom Terrace Planters

Project References:


James Chinchiolo, CEO, Project Manager
Landslide Solutions, Inc.

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