Project Details:

The span of Highway 116 between Sonoma, CA and Petaluma, CA is a heavlily traveled two lane highway.  Prior to the completion of a widening project a two mile stretch of this highway presented the traveling public with a narrow, windy and dangerous corridor just outside the Sonoma, CA city limits.  CalTrans designed a widening and realignment project that required several retaining systems and where right-of-way issues were of concern soil nail walls where designed to stablize vertical cuts as tall as 35-ft.


During the construction of this project Landslide Solutions, Inc. had up to five crews running at one time and when required operated a night shift to minimize daytime traffic snarls.  Varied drilling conditions required Landslide Solutions, Inc. to use several drilling methods.  In caving soils Landslide Solutions, Inc. proposed the use of Hollow Bar Injection Anchors and upon CalTrans approval used them in select locations to keep the project moving forward without delay.

Project Summary:

Sculpted Shotcrete Soil Nail Wall, Hwy 116, CalTrans District 4

An increased traffic count on Highway 116 in Sonoma County prompted CalTrans to widen and realign a two mile section of highway.  Soil Nail Walls were choosen to provide stablization at three locations where right of way contraints did not allow for traditional retaining systems.  The tallest of the three cuts approached 35 feet and the longest section of stablization reached approximately 800 linear feet.    

Project Stats:

  • Sculpted Shotcrete Soil Nail Wall
  • Over 47,000 Square Feet
  • Night Work
  • CalTrans District 4

Project References:

James Chinchiolo, CEO

Landslide Solutions, Inc.


Brett Gustafson, Project Manager

Landslide Solutions, Inc.


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