Project Details:

This section of road is dubbed ‘China Slide’ after a historic landslide demolished a small Chinese encampment in the area.  Many years later a state road was constructed on the old slide debris and in 2009 RBrown Construction Co., Inc. was hired by CalTrans to straighten this portion of Hwy 299.  While excavating through the old slide debris a portion of the material became unstable and, as noted above, threatened the only travel lane in the construction zone.

At the time of the stability concerns Landslide Solutions, Inc. was already in contract with RBrown Construction Co., Inc. on the same construction site constructing a permanent sculpted soil nail wall.  In a matter of 24 hours LSI provided RBrown Construction Co., Inc. with a firm fixed price design build temporary stabilization proposal and began mobilizing additional equipment and materials required to stabilize the site.  The proposal included a combination of Self Drilling SuperNails™, steel reinforced shotcrete and high strength rockfall mesh.

Within 6 working days Landslide Solutions, Inc. completed the construction of the temporary system and RBrown Construction Co., Inc. was able to return to the site and continue constructing the planned MSE wall.

Project Summary:

Hwy 299 Emergency Shoring, CalTrans District 2

During the excavation of a planned 1:1 back slope for a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall RBrown Construction Co., Inc. experienced slope stability issues that threatened the only available traveled lane in their construction zone on Highway 299 in Trinity County California.   Within 24 hours LSI responded to the site, provided a temporary shoring design, cost estimate and initiated mobilization.

Project Stats:

  • Emergency Temporary Shoring
  • Accelerated Design and Mobilization
  • CalTrans District 1
  • Northern California
  • Self Drilling SuperNails™
  • Completed in 6 working days

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