Project Details:

LA County Fire Department selected a Fire Station site in the in a congested area of the City of La Mirada, California.  The site offered access to one of the city’s main arterial roads and was located in an underserved area.  Because the area was underserved the LA County Fire Department felt that a station needed to be constructed immediately.

In order to accelerate construction of the new station the department elected to separate the site preparation and building construction into two contracts.  The SuperNail™ was chosen because of the minimal impact to the adjacent AMPM service station and golf course.  Demolition of the existing gravity wall, soil material export and design / construction of the SuperNail™ were all conducted under the site preparation contract.

Project Summary:

LA County Fire Department

The LA County Fire Deptartment needed a permanent wall solution for a new fire station situated in a small lot within the La Mirada, CA city limits - fast.  Several wall systems were considered including a MSE and gravity wall.  LA County Fire Department and the City of La Habra favored the installation of a SuperNail™ Wall due to minimal impact on adjacent properties and lower overall cost.  Project prime contractor and designer on record was Thunder Mountain Entperises, Inc.

Project Stats:

  • Less Expensive
  • Design Build
  • 3 week construction timeline
  • SuperNails™

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