Landslide Repair


With continued development of innovative landslide repair tools and techniques, Landslide Solutions, Inc. delivers solutions that meet or exceed target factors of safety at costs well below more traditional methods.  Our equipment can work around overhead wires, underground utilities, guard rail, between trees and rarely requires road excavation.

Landslide Solutions, Inc. (LSI) typically provides design-build-warranty landslide repairs.  That means that LSI engineers or technicians will provide a no-cost no-obligation visit to any landslide.  After surveying the site and gathering data, a design and guaranteed fixed-cost proposal will be submitted to the client.  In emergency situations, we routinely have crews installing nails three days or fewer after a failure and often have the road open to traffic within the week.  After construction, a warranty certificate is issued that covers not just materials and installation, but the stability of the repaired section.

Landslide Solutions, Inc. engineers use the most cutting edge limit equilibrium and finite element analysis programs to evaluate slope stability.  The models are powerful tools, but only when coupled with proper input data and the experience and intuition to understand the results.  At any given time our team is involved in several research projects sponsored by the company or by public entities.  That translates into the newest methods and technologies going from concept to verification to implementation with no delays and with significant cost and time savings to our clients.