Our Staff

Our Staff


Co-owner and President
Colby has worked on stabilization projects for over 10 years, managing projects throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. After studying Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and Oxford University on an NROTC scholarship, Colby served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, leading both infantry and Scout/Sniper platoons throughout the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. Colby also holds Juris Doctor from Yale Law School and is currently wrapping up the requirements for his Professional Engineer License. He handles marketing, site visits, proposals and project management assignments and has given invited presentations in Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, and Taiwan. Colby lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with his wife, Leslie, and their sons, Lachlan and Bridger.



Co-owner and COO
Tim continues to be the mastermind behind LSI’s innovations in tools, equipment and techniques. These concepts and techniques are utilized in repairing landslides more efficiently in remote locations in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Tim has over 15 years of construction management and soil stabilization experience, serving as project manager and field superintendent on projects as large as $30 million. As the previous president of Rock Creations, Inc., Tim is also an expert in dry stacked stone and block faced GCS® walls. Tim combines his experience with his superior skills in planning, scheduling, and teaching to ensure job quality every time. Tim lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife, Shaunda, and their son, Nash.



P.E., Director/Chief Engineer
  Al holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado and holds four patents in the area of rock and soil slope stabilization methods and innovations in soil nailing. Al worked at the Colorado Department of Highways from 1963 to 1982 in the area of materials engineering and geotechnical engineering. During this time he was involved in highway designs including slope stability, highway stability, structural inspections and material designs. Research performed during this time included soil collapse potential, swelling of bedded shales and clays, and soil reinforcement. Included in this work was the design and construction supervision of the Glenwood Canyon fabric walls with instrumentation for determining strain and deformation of the full height test walls.

In 1982 he began work for Corn Construction Company as the Materials and Quality Control Engineer. In this position he was responsible for locating and obtaining materials for highway construction projects in five western states. In 1986 he was placed in charge of the materials laboratory of Sergent, Hauskins & Beckwith Consulting Engineers in Phoenix. In this position he was responsible for the instrumentation of structural foundation elements, including the installation and operation of load cells, inclinometers, strain gauges, piezometers, and supervision, training and operation of the 1000 ton load test frame. Among his projects was the design of fabric reinforced soil walls.

In 1994 Al returned to Denver to consult independently for soil nail shoring and reinforced soil design and construction in Colorado. He designed and supervised construction of geosynthetic confined soil walls as great as 93 feet in height. He designed and supervised construction of ground anchored and soil nail walls up to 110 feet in height. After consulting for Yenter Companies for several years, he joined Yenter as Chief Engineer and later became President of the company. At that time, Yenter was the dominant blasting and slope stabilization contractor in the Rocky Mountain region.

Al has design responsibility for hundreds of reinforced soil structures throughout the U. S. and internationally, valued at well over a 300 million dollars, and over 100 soil nail walls and landslide stabilization repairs using soil nails totaling over 100,000 square feet. He is one of the top geotechnical and structural researchers, innovators, designers and constructors in the world, and currently lives in Palisade, Colorado, with his wife, Sue.


Bob Barrett

Bob Barrett holds a B.S. in Geology from Marshall University. Bob worked for the West Virginia DOT and the Colorado DOT for over 30 years as a landslide specialist and as the chief geologist for design and construction of Interstate 70 across the Colorado Rockies. Bob was Manager of Geotechnical Research for the Colorado DOT and for the Colorado Transportation Institute, was a co-inventor of the Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program (CRSP), and received the 1991 Colorado Governor's award for creativity and innovation in government service. He chaired the Transportation Research Board Committee on Geosynthetics, the NCHRP Panel on Sealing Geotechnical Boreholes, and NCHRP Panel 12-59, dealing with design of GRS bridge abutments. He is a leading researcher in the Geotechnical area and holds patents for rockfall mitigation devices and Geosynthetically Confined Soil (GCS®) retaining wall innovations. He and Al have patents on Earthquake Wings for bridges and Scour Micropiles for Open Bottom Boxes and other applications. Bob is currently a member of the NCHRP Project Panel to develop seismic guidelines for GRS bridge abutments. He was the former Manager of Bridge Design and Construction for Yenter Companies and now sits on the Board of Directors of LSI.

Bob and Al Ruckman were the recipients of the 1998 IFAI international design award for the design and construction of a 55-ft high GCS® retaining wall in Grand County, Colorado, and continue to enjoy solving difficult problems. Together, they have presented technology transfer programs on five continents on the subjects of GCS®, landslide mitigation, and rockfall control. They have constructed GCS® walls and abutments across the globe. Bob lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with his wife, Linda.



PE Chief Engineer
Cameron's experience and knowledge of the industry and latest technologies provide Landslide Solutions, Inc. with a level of support that allows for unprecedented levels of service and reliability.  Cameron has designed and / or managed hundreds of projects utilizing SuperNails®, Launched Soil Nails™, Rock Fall Barriers and Mesh, traditional soil nails, micropiles, drilled shafts and Geosynthetically Confined Soil™.  Cameron is an avid outdoorsman and devoted father of two daughters.



PE, Project Engineer
Nathan attended the United States Air Force Academy, graduating in 2001 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. During his time at the academy, Nathan served as Co-Captain of the Football team, winning four Commander-in-Chief Trophies, three Bowl Games, and one Conference Championship. Nathan received the Brian Bullard Award in 2000 (decided by team vote, this is Air Force Football’s highest honor) and the Jack Braley Award (the coaches award this to Air Force Football’s hardest worker). Nathan was also an NSCA All-American and the Associated Press’ Second Team All Conference Running Back. Nathan was commissioned in 2001 as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and reached the rank of Captain before leaving active duty in 2007. During his time with the Air Force, Nathan served as a Program Manager, Coach, and Instructor at the Academy; the Atlas II Program Manager at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida; and the Systems Engineering Chief at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. Nathan was awarded United States Air Force Academy Instructor of the Semester in 2006, the Unites States Air Force Academy Newcomer Instructor of the Semester in 2005, and Company Grade Officer of the Quarter twice in 2004. After leaving active duty, Nathan moved to Grand Junction, Colorado and took a job at CCI Engineering, where he acted as the engineering general on multiple projects, designed commercial and residential foundations, individual sewage distribution systems, grading plans, landscape plans, drainage reports, and conducted commercial code review for projects in Western Colorado. Nathan then joined GSI, where he was involved in the design and construction of Multiple Geosynthetically Confined Soil and Soil Nail Structures across the United States, including a multitude of landslide repairs. Nathan joined LSI in August, 2010.



Marketing Coordinator
Amy joined the Landslide Solutions, Inc. team in 2008 as our Marketing Coordinator. She is in charge of tradeshows from start to finish as well as the distribution of marketing materials. Amy lives in Grand Junction, Colorado, with her family. She currently is attending Mesa State College for a degree in accounting.